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What is Kanban

People often have a falsely simplistic view of Kanban as just a board with task cards and limitations. In reality, it is a powerful mechanism for the development of an effective value delivery process within an organization. This method is actively developed and improved all over the world, as evidenced by the growth from 15% to 43% in the share of Agile and Scrum teams using Kanban. 

One of the best Kanban training courses in the region

The 1-2 day long training program offers practical experience in Kanban principles and structure. The training program can be adapted for specialists in various fields and for different levels of project management experience. 

Training takes place in an interactive, cooperative format including lectures, group discussions, tasks, simulations and real-life examples.

Groups may consist of employees of a single company or be mixed, with individual attendance.

Participants will learn to identify internal and external causes of dissatisfaction, to identify the balance between demand and team opportunities, to model the work process, to build Kanban boards and systems, to define their meetings and the frequency thereof, to determine service classes and to develop a Kanban implementation plan.

Who is this training for

The training program can be adapted for beginners or professionals in various fields who work with process optimization, business efficiency improvement or project management: managers, heads of IT, department heads, middle managers, project managers, technical managers, engineers etc.

The course will also be of use to Scrum Masters who wish to benefit their team by bringing in new knowledge and skills.

The training will be particularly useful to anyone looking to start working with Kanban systems and searching for an initial knowledge base and support, as well as anyone already using Kanban and wishing to make sure that they are in line with industry best practice or looking for new ideas to improve their work. 

Kanban training curriculum

The Kanban course may contain the topics listed below, but will be adapted to the wishes of the group and their level of experience:

  • Overview of the Kanban method – history, principles, values 
  • Internal and external causes of process dissatisfaction 
  • Balance analysis between team opportunities and demand 
  • Risk management with Kanban 
  • Development of a Kanban system: 
    • Kanban tickets 
    • Kanban boards 
    • Limitations to Work In Progress (WIP) 
    • Policy and formal rules 
  • Queues, flow management, metrics, measurements 
    • Little's Law 
    • Cumulative Flow Diagram 
    • Lead time distribution chart 
    • Control chart 
  • Roles and meetings 
  • Kanban daily morning briefing 
  • Full-scale simulation of a Kanban system 

Course materials and process

The price includes course materials in electronic form. Materials can be printed if necessary.

The training can be held on the client’s premises or elsewhere. We can provide catering.


Training takes place in Latvian, Russian or English depending on the needs of the group. All training materials are in English or Latvian.


The training is led by professionals in various fields who boast considerable practical experience and have obtained relevant certification documenting their qualification, knowledge and skills. 

Upcoming courses

Dates will be announced. Request information!  

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