Training is led by the best practising experts in Latvia with positive client feedback and demonstrably useful results. All training includes practical exercises in order to teach the topic at hand as efficiently as possible.

Training can be booked by individuals as well as organized groups.

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Upcoming courses

Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) - 02-03.03 - Kiev, Ukraine

Kanban System Design (KSD) - 29-30.04 - Riga, Latvia

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) - 21-22.05 - Riga, Latvia

Kanban Management Professional (KMP) - 16-17.09 - Riga, Latvia

More dates will be announced. Request information!  

Project Management

The basics of project management disciplines in line with the PMI/PMP or IPMA methodology. Includes exploration of classic (waterfall) thinking as well as dynamic (Agile) thinking. PMP or IPMA certification available.

ERP Implementation Academy

Steps and methods for the effective, predictable and transparent selection and implementation of ERP software in your company, all the way from the idea to a functioning solution.


Introduction to Agile thinking and methods in order to understand how it differs from the traditional waterfall method and to provide a foundation for Agile thinking and related basic principles as well as for Scrum, Kanban, Lean and other approaches.


The basics of Kanban methodology, including explanations of Kanban flow ideology, the Kanban board, WIP, flow optimization, metrics and the opportunity to build your own real Kanban board that you can start working with. Certification available.


An understanding of Lean, the ability to spot and prevent losses, to identify process optimization needs, with the opportunity to find solutions for some student problems and to generate process improvement ideas.


An overview of Scrum ideology, including an examination of all Scrum roles, ceremonies and artifacts as well as Scrum thinking principles and causes of success. Certification available.

Psychological aspects of project management    

Aspects that are required for successful project management. Human psychology and emotional intelligence play a decisive role in the success of any project.   

Process modelling and optimization

Methods for process analysis and visualization, process measurement and KPI identification, process optimization and modelling, implementation of changes.

Skillful analysis and compilation of requirements

Practical methods for the compilation, structuring and prioritization of business, functional and technical requirements for analysts, solution architects and product owners.

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