Project Management and Monitoring

Our main mission is to provide professional project management and monitoring services and consultations on both the client’s and supplier’s side, and as an intermediary between both parties.

  • For suppliers, we offer help with managing projects with missing internal resources or a lack of confidence in the competence or capacity of internal resources.
  • For organisations as clients, we offer help with making sure that the supplier is implementing the project in line with project management best practices, software implementation methodology best practices and in correspondence with the initially defined plan and aims. We represent the client's interests in project meetings. We manage the client’s employees in order to ensure the timely and proper preparation of information and data for the needs of the project.
  • Through a three-party agreement between both parties, we help ensure that the project is managed in accordance with the interests of both parties, which are brought together in order to achieve the aim of the project.

Project management is carried out exclusively by professional, certified specialists with experience and suitable personal characteristics. We are experts in both traditional and Agile project management and product development methods.

Research from the USA indicates that project deadlines are not met 57% of the time, and that 57% of the time, project costs exceed the allocated budget. This proportion is likely to be even higher for Latvia, which is an excellent illustration for why professional project management matters.

Sometimes the client or supplier is worried by a particular phase or component of the project, or about the project as a whole. In these cases, the entire project or a chosen part of it can be audited. This is done in accordance with the methodology used for the project or based on project management and software development best practices. 

The auditing process involves, as needed, a review of all relevant project documentation and interviews with the project team and other stakeholders, resulting in an audit report including:

  • Description of the current situation
  • Characterization of issues
  • Recommendations for improvement

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