Business Process Auditing and Automation

People actively involved in the business environment do not always have the opportunity and time to objectively evaluate their work process. Employees do not always share objective information about processes in the company. Employees and managers do not always possess sufficient competence and information about process improvement methods and the newest automation trends.

Employees and managers typically work within the frame of their experience and long-time habits, which can hinder the development of a business unit or the company as a whole, and hurt competitiveness.

All over the world, there are various process optimization strategies and methodologies. These are typically too large, heavy and expensive for Latvian-scale companies. However, an understanding of them creates opportunities to combine the most suitable aspects of each to improve a particular business. 

Process optimization is also a necessary prerequisite for the implementation of any business software or other technological automation tools. The automation of unproductive processes can bring a business even greater losses.

Our experts are certified and experienced in various more and less popular methods (Lean, Kanban, Six Sigma, TOC, BPM, TQM, Kaizen, 5S etc.) as well as in a broad spectrum of economic sectors on a Latvian and international scale.

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