Project management, auditing and monitoring

Project management and monitoring during any project stage and to any extent through the use of various project management and change management methods. Auditing of existing projects and drafting recommendations.

Transformations to Agile

As a result of fast changing market, more and more organisations are required to deliver their services and products to market much faster and higher quality. Transformation to Agile addresses this.

Business process auditing and automation

For when you need a third-person view and experience in business processes to make sure that you are working efficiently and that you are ready to automate these processes.

Software and technology selection

Selection of the most appropriate software and other technologies from those available on the market based on organizational specifics and business needs and goals.

Defining business requirements

Defining organizational needs and requirements in order to be able to submit them to potential suppliers for quote preparation.

Software and technology auditing

Quality auditing of completed and currently developed software and technologies, resulting in recommendations for the improvement of software and the development process.

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