Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

Date: 21-22 May 2020 9:00-18:00
Location: Riga, Latvia
Language: English


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  • Regular: 1000 EUR + VAT
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Angel Diaz-Maroto

Certified Scrum Trainer
Certified Enterprise Coach
Certified Agile Leadership Educator

Do you need to create awesome and customer-centric products?
Do you want to hit your end-user sweet spot so that they return to you more and more?
Do you want to be proud of your Scrum Team outcomes working as a Product Owner?
Do you want to lead the portfolio roadmaps of the organization level like a superstar?
And do you want to acquire all of this in only two days of training? Then join us for a Certified Scrum Product Owner intensive two-day training!

The Product Owner is one of the most difficult and misunderstood roles in Scrum. As a matter of fact, in trainer's 14 years of experience implementing Scrum in more than 30 countries, he has seen multiple organizations not meeting their expectations on Value delivered for customers, because of misunderstandings in the Product Owner role, responsibilities and way of working with products and customers. This is why being trained to properly understand and perform in the Product Owner role is a critical factor to ensure the success of your products and Scrum way of working.
In this training, you will learn how to successfully work as a Product Owner in your organization to reach the true purpose of Scrum.

Training Agenda

Day 1 (8 hours). Scrum and the role of the product owner

On this first day, you will understand Scrum by learning the purpose of Scrum itself and each of the Pillars, Events, Artefacts, Roles, and Values.

  • Context of Agile product delivery
  • Understanding the rules of the Scrum Framework
  • Master the role of the Product Owner
  • How to perform as a Product Owner in each Scrum event
  • Learn Agile strategic management: Product Budgeting, Portfolio Management and Release Planning
  • Learn Agile tactic management: Sprint Planning, Estimation and No Estimation

Day 2 (8 hours). Delivering Customer centric products

On the second day, you will learn how to align stakeholders on the vision, priorities, and scope of the product to be delivered. Moreover, you will understand how to ensure that the Scrum development teams understand what is to be delivered.

  • Bringing customer centricity to your business
  • Product and service design with design thinking
  • Setting the right foundations with product and project inception
  • Creating and refining your product backlog
  • Understanding customer needs with user stories


Upon successful completion of this class, you will obtain the Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Certification by the Scrum Alliance.

Please note that to obtain the CSPO certification you need to actively participate in the training for a minimum of 15 hours.

Who is CSPO for

  • Entrepreneurs and managers who want to understand how to deliver customer-centric products using the Scrum Framework
  • Product Owners who need to learn how to successfully perform their role
  • Scrum Masters and Agile coaches who need to train and support Product Owners in their role

The format of the training

The two-day training program incorporates many concepts of "training from the back of the room", in which the participants say and do more than the instructor: short blocks of theory alternate with practice and exercises. 


Angel Diaz-Maroto

Certified Scrum Trainer
Certified Enterprise Coach
Certified Agile Leadership Educator

Angel Diaz-Moroto is a very energetic, proficient and forward-thinking coach who specializes in coaching organizations throughout their Agile journeys. His pragmatism and experience in Organizational Coaching and Business Agility are the driving forces behind his perceptive methods of action. As an insightful coach, trainer, and mentor, he has helped to constructively and successfully improve quality standards, product/service delivery, and has contributed to continuous improvement and innovation capabilities in a diverse set of companies, from small start-ups to fortune 500 multinational organizations.
Angel´s abilities to empower leadership, to influence organizational culture, to unleash value creation and to process improvement are recognized worldwide. Throughout his 11+ years of hands-on experience in Agile coaching, Angel has provided expert guidance to achieve remarkable growth for organizations and Agile professionals from more than 25 countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Angel’s contribution has been especially noticeable in ING, King, Banco de Chile, Falabella, Toyota, Sunhotels and PZU group success cases.

Angel Diaz-Moroto holds the three highest level certifications in the field from the Scrum Alliance: CST (Certified Scrum Trainer), CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach) and CAL Educator (Certified Agile Leadership Educator). Additionally, Angel is a certified co-active coach (CPCC), specialist in team coaching and systemic leadership, Management 3.0 facilitator, Licensed NLP Practitioner and DiSC Certified Behaviour and Motivation Analyst.

In addition to his work as an Agile coach, Angel teaches video game production at ESNE (University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, Madrid) and Design Thinking at LaSalle University, Barcelona. He also has participated as a speaker in more than 50 international conferences and Agile events in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, being a significant contributor to the international Agile community since 2009.

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